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Re: I'm writting a bookReply

Good for you! If you wish to have the book published, you may wish to browse a book by Noah Lukeman titled, "The First Five Pages." To sell a publisher, the first few pages must grab his or her attention!

As for the content of your book, you may find some useful information about the purpose of the various parts of the sermon from my book, "The Power of Persuasive Preaching" published by Chalice Press. I address that question from a delivery perspective, covering in detail each aspect of the sermon you list in your post. My answer to your question is that every part of the sermon should support what you ask listeners to be or do at the close of the sermon. However, many books on preaching address the creation of the content of a sermon and the heart of a preacher. They present other considerations that may be more applicable to the questions in your post.

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