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Re: Apperance In The PulpitReply

First, study our Lord's appearance as found in Is. 53:2. In addition, please read what John the Baptist looked like when he was preaching (Matt 3:4).

Now that you are back; tell me what you would rather be concerned about, your appearance or, the truth that comes from an accurately exposited message from God? I chose the latter that is kind of why this site exists.

You see, brother, the problem is that we, and Christ's church, are more concerned with our looks than being close to God. I believe, no, I know, that if we draw closer to him, he draws closer to us (Ja. 4:8-9) and with that, we will shine forth the Father's glory. That glory will repel some and draw others to the Cross of Christ. Something this world desperately needs.

In closing, I hope you understand that this is one of those debatable issues of which Paul speaks. I chose to be more conservative in my dress and appearance than some. Therefore, simply because I choose to dress in a manner that pleases me and is not unscriptural, I will reach some people that you will not reach. Notice, this was my decision and not a congregationís.

One last item, I know I sound like Paul trying to end one of his epistles; God has made us each for a uniquely powerful purpose (Eph. 2:10). Let me suggest that you spend time on your face before God, seek out the works he has for you and then furnish yourself for those works whether it be clothed in rags, riches or, preferably, holiness.

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