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Salvation...Your will or GodsReply

In the never ending debate between Calvinism and Arminianism, a bridge has been place on my heart, so in my continuing study and my work time debating I thought I would bring it here to get your opinons.
I do have a couple rules, each position must be respected, and you must provide scripture to back your position. My goal is not to stir trouble but to learn and to understand each side, as I further the truth of both and distinguish the error of both to come to the complete truth that God intended.
Mainly I want to look at "Once Saved Always Saved vs. Losing Salvation", and "Predestination vs. Free Will" May GOD bless us all as we strive to know Him better, deepen our understanding of His Truths!

Link: Forgiving Grace Ministries
Posted on 2/13 11:11 AM | IP: Logged

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