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Re: Getting away from the pulpit!Reply


I'm going to take a stab here and assume you are talking about moving out from behind the pulpit while preaching. First, movement allows you to visually and physically connect with your listeners. I'm a proponent of what Stephen Olford calls the "Sacred Desk" when it comes to reading Scripture and explaining the text. But, delivering illustrations is a good time to move out from behind the pulpit and "connect" with your listenrs. I sometimes fail to do this myself but it's what I like to do. Stories draw people in through emotion and human interest. You can help that process by giving the appearance that you are going to your listenrs to tell them a story. Second, remember that you are not a track meet. Make your movement purposeful and don't run all over the stage. Eventually your listeners will get tired of chasing you and stop listening. Third, be natural. Calculated movements will seem stiff. If you are telling a story then tell the story as if you were among a group of friends.
I hope this helps,


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