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Re: Open Theism - Is it Scriptural?Reply

Hi Garydeelee…you’ll recall I emailed you discussing this subject and theme…not that I believe in open theism for like I stated I believe God does know all the future . Where I differ however is that I agree with open theist that God didn’t know in a sense the future as we see with verses like God wanted to see if Abraham would do this or that. I believe that revelation however is sent, blasted or connected backwards in time, to the time before the creation….thus God does know all the future…not guessing, not projecting, but knowing.

So we have two loops in time….one way he didn’t know but then that’s changed to his knowing it. Well you ask can one show proof that God is omnipresent except in the future? Actually I would say there is no proof in your position that a future actually does exist, in the sense of right now as we speak. And secondly you ask is it not a restriction that we have placed on God by saying he’s not in the future. I would answer that question with a question…would it be a restriction to say there is no way that Jesus can be enjoying the weather in the land of the Wizard of Oz?

Wouldn’t I be restricting God by saying he couldn’t be? Most certainly not. The Land of the Wizard of Oz does not exist! It is not a reality. So I would say about the future. And you ask was Johns revelation just a glimpse of a possible future? No it was the real thing. But the future is not a reality until it occurs and the Lord deals only in things of reality. Once the future occurs its only then real but then the time travel of revelation knowledge back to God before the creation of the earth….Alpha/Omega.We must keep in mind that it is not a limitation to not know something or be in a place that does not exist. If it hasn’t happened yet it hasn’t happened yet. If it has not happened yet it is not a reality.

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