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Re: Open Theism - Is it Scriptural?Reply

I’ll give you “props” for your interest in this debate however, I find fault with what you are saying.

So, without arguing with the validity of your choice of texts, let me see if I understand you correctly in this posting and the last. What you are saying, based on your texts is that God chooses not to know the future, makes mistakes that he regrets and learns from them. This means that God with infinite knowledge and wisdom chooses to be an infinite imbecile or a divine dunce.

Now, let me turn your attention back to your texts. I just chose one of them at random, Isa 5:3-7, where you say that this “tells us he's surprised at how things turned out, for he expected a different outcome.” If we read in verse one we see that it is Isaiah “singing a song for the one I love about his vineyard (NLT).” Is this not much the same thing as the Parable of the Wicked Farmer’s offered by the Lord Jesus in Mark 12? I believe that if you study it you will see that when the Lord Jesus spoke of a vineyard, the learned religious leaders would have recognized the correlation with the words of Isa 5:1-7. Isaiah's parable described judgment on Israel; Jesus' parable described judgment on the religious leaders of his day. Was our Lord “surprised at the way things turned out” in his story or was the question he asked in Mark 12:9 or is it the same rhetorical literary device used by Isaiah in 5:4? I believe that it is the same literary device. This is further borne out by comparing the Lord Jesus’ answer to his own question, “He will come and destroy the vine-growers, and will give the vineyard to others” (NASU) to Isa 5:5-13.

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