Revival or Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due
By: Gary D. Lee

Sing to the LORD a new song;
Sing to the LORD, all the earth.
Sing to the LORD, bless His nameÖ (Psalms 96:1-2)

I truly love the Psalms! I have been studying through them in my quiet times and God has provided me with excellent opportunities to grow closer to him as I have been praying for personal revival. If you are looking for renewal, filling again by supplying what has been used up, or revival, bringing something again into activity and prominence, then I believe this Psalm fits your need as it refocuses your responsibilities to God.

With these words, the Psalmist issues a two-fold invitation to those who have been called by Godís grace to be his children. First, he invites us to exercise a dedicated witness of his glory (vv. 1-6, 10). We are to proclaim his salvation of us. We are to proclaim the splendor of his deeds and his magnificence. We are to proclaim his sovereignty over all his creations and his fairness in dealing with them. And we are to proclaim his strength, for as we trust him he gives us substance and sustenance.

The Psalmist also invites us to experience a devoted worship of Godís glory (vv. 7-9). In our worship we are to show the world, each other and especially God that our relationship with him is beyond value. In worship we give God the glory that is his as our Father from whom we have received a new birth through the suffering and blood of our holy brother, Jesus Christ. In our worship we are also to give him gifts from our time, talent and treasures. He deserves all that we give him and more for he has transformed us from sinner to saint; from unbelievers bound by sin to a community bound by love. And finally, in worship we are to gather together that we may worship with the full force of our collective voices, thoughts and hearts.

Given this, my challenge to you is to seek him through your witness and worship. In your next prayer time, bring him the gifts he deserves. Concentrate on him by consecrating yourself to his glory!