Sanctity of Life
By: Deborah L. Lee

As a former Executive Director of a Crisis Pregnancy Center, I hurt for women and young ladies who find themselves in a crisis situation, feeling without hope, knowing of no where to turn and believing their only option is to have an abortion. This is a mindset that is far from the truth. There are literally thousands of pregnancy centers supported by churches and individuals around this country that are available to help. January 16, 2005, is Sanctity of Human Life Sunday and is celebrated across our nation and in our churches, to let others know about the importance of life.

Care Net created Sanctity of Human Life Sunday in 1982. Their ministry realized from the beginning that evangelicals are the key ingredient contributing to the on-going success of crisis pregnancy centers. In addition to asking the President to issue a proclamation, Care Net has published and distributed over 10 million Sanctity of Human Life Sunday brochures since 1982 that educate and ask for the involvement of Christians in the work of local pregnancy centers, which now number more than 2000 in North America.

Let me share with you an article found in Valley to Victory: Post-Abortion Trauma from the North American Mission Board, LifeWay Christian Resources.
You met “Sara” a few months ago when she joined your church and quickly plugged into ministry opportunities. She’s gifted in many areas and seems to be busy and satisfied with doing God’s work. But despite her outward appearance of fulfillment, you sense that she’s carrying a hidden burden. And in this case, you would be right: Sara is struggling with unresolved guilt, stress, and emotional trauma related to the abortion in her past. Sara, like many other women who have abortions, carries the weight of her past abortion every moment of every day. She’s hidden her secret for years and she avoids building relationships, even at church, because she feels unworthy of companionship. She doesn’t even feel worthy to be in God’s presence; because she’s sure God couldn’t forgive her for having an abortion. She’s consumed by feelings of shame, guilt, and self-hatred. Sara isn’t her real name, but she could be a real person that you know. There are Saras in every church with the same hurts, the same guilt, the same strongholds, preventing them from being the women God has created them to be. Don’t overlook the women in your church and community who may be struggling with post-abortion trauma and need you to reach out to them.

If your church is not involved in some way to help support a local crisis pregnancy center, I encourage you to find out how you can start helping. You can log on to Care Net and find out locations of crisis pregnancy centers or you can just check your local yellow pages and call the center near you. They are there to come along side the church and minister to a hurting world.