Dealing With Conflict
By: Gary D. Lee

How to handle conflict between a staff member and a lay person

This problem is more complex than this space allows so; let me give you three considerations to point you in the right direction as you seek answers for this most difficult of questions.

First, the most important lesson you can teach your staff is to handle any conflict through caring confrontation by using Matthew 18 as their template. Second, no matter what the outcome of their efforts in using caring confrontation, explain to your staff they must immediately advise you of these types of situations. This serves a two-fold purpose. Not only does your staff understand that you are concerned about them, the lay person involved and the body of Christ, but also you want to be aware of the history of your staff and congregation. Third, you should contact the church member who is involved in situations such as this so that they know the staff person is accountable to you for his or her behavior.

Considering these points with an open Bible, will put you well on your way to successfully dealing with this type of conflict. Now you only have to learn how to deal with several thousand more!