A great book on pastoral ministry!
By: Brad McLean

Rediscovering Pastoral Ministry: Shaping Contemporary Ministry with Biblical Mandates (Nashville, TN: W Publishing Group, 1995) is a collection of essays edited by John MacArthur, the pastor of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, CA. MacArthur and the professors from The Master’s Seminary, who contributed to this compendium, have carefully constructed a helpful and insightful book on Christian ministry.

The purpose of the book is to “encourage and instruct this and the next generation of pastors, missionaries, and teachers to provide the kind of shepherd leadership for the church that God’s Word requires” (MacArthur, iv). In this compilation, MacArthur and the contributing writers seek to make clear these responsibilities and provide a foundational understanding of God’s church through essays divided in four categories. The categories progress from establishing the biblical perspective of pastoral ministry to preparatory perspectives, personal perspectives, and pastoral perspectives. The arrangement of the categories leads the reader through simple elements of pastoral ministry to the application of those elements in a ministry setting.

Though the authors write about complicated topics the presentation is clear and easy to read. Biblical insights are given through an easy to understand style without softening the message of God’s Word. For example, when a Greek term is used to stress a point, the English definition is given for greater understanding. The authors are forthright in their presentation regarding the life and practice of a biblical pastor. Along with the biblical perspective the authors provide personal perspectives from their practice of ministry. In keeping with the tenor of the book, the personal perspectives offered do not deviate from the biblical requirements but, instead, reinforce them.

All-in-all, this book is important to have in your library.