Overloaded Prayerlife?

If your prayerlife becomes overloaded and you begin to feel that you can not do all of your prayers justice, let me suggest that you may find it necessary to cycle through your prayers like this:
Monday: “M” is for missionaries, both home and abroad.
Tuesday: “T” is for thanksgiving. That’s when we give the Lord special thanks for the incredible ways in which he has answered our prayers. It never surprises me that God works in my life and in the life of others but I am always surprised at the way he chooses to work.
Wednesday: “W” is for Christian workers.
Thursday: “T” is for tasks the ministry God has given us.
Friday: “F”is for the families in the church that are having difficulties.
Saturday: “S” is for the saints especially young Christians, so that Christ may grow in them.
Sunday: “S” is for sinners, and particularly the gospel outreach in which you or your church is involved.