TodaysPreacher Under New Leadership

TodaysPreacher.Com is flying under a new flag!!

Gary Lee, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Dewey, Oklahoma, will be the new front man.

He's an alumni of Southwestern Seminary, and currently finishing up his doctoral work there. Gary brings a passion for preaching, as well as a passion for enhancing the life of the preacher, to the helm of TodaysPreacher.

Jason Cruise, founder of TodaysPreacher.Com, who is leaving TodaysPreacher to lead the website for Tennessee Outdoor Network, said in response to the aquisition and change of leadership, "I cannot tell you how much it excites me to see Gary take over the wheel. This site has so much potential, and I cannot wait to see where he takes it. TodaysPreacher has gone further than I ever imagined, and I know that Gary will take it even further."

Gary Lee will take charge of TodaysPreacher in September of 2003.