Being 'Preacherly': A Problem Trend With Preachers
By: Jason Cruise

I was 17 years old when God called me to preach, and I've been preaching ever since. At first it was the coolest thing ever; you know ... you preach and genuinely feel the power of God flowing through you. It's a FRESH CALLING!!

Over the years though, something tends to happen to us preachers. Perhaps it's just my observation, a tainted one I'm sure. But preachers seem to get used to, even rely on, the spotlight. We long to be dowsed with Gatorade from God’s team after a sermon!!

We get to a point where ministry becomes a profession. We develop that that sickening “Preacher Voice.” God becomes Gawwd. We find ourselves using inflection and proper pitch control when saying, “I’ll take the TAATER TAWTS with that.”

Preachers become name droppers, too. Ever notice that?? We like to let it be known that we are known.

All in all, preachers become preacherly.

Many preachers know they live in the real world, but they dare not admit it.

But, the problem is, I’m a preacher!!! And if you are reading this, chances are, you are, too!!! We have egos. Let’s just admit it.

So what do we do ... for we are preachers?!! It’s not a bad thing at all. In fact, it’s a super duper calling.

Why am I ranting about this?? Perhaps its because I look down the road at my ministry and what I see often scares me. Am I ... me ... going to become that guy???? Am I going to be that Teflon, over-polished, hyper-educated, obsessive/compulsive “please recognize my accomplishments” attention freak??

It does scare me. And because it scares me, one of my goals in life is never to become “preacherly.” I hope and pray I’m getting over my need to be recognized; I hope and pray that I never “need” to be counted worthy of my high office.

I hope and pray that I’ll never forget that “He must increase but I must decrease.” I hope and pray ...

Press On ...

Jason Cruise,
Senior Pastor,
Masters Degree Honoree,
Great Adventurer,
Pioneer In Preaching,
Super Expositor,
Man's Man,
Close personal friend to John MacArthur,
Why yes, I know Rick Warren,
Oh, Bill Hybels, play wiffle ball with him all the time!!!

(wait, it's just so ingrained)

Press On ...

just a guy like you