TodaysPreacher was started out of a passion for preachers trying to communicate in an often calloused generation. However, what generation is not calloused to the Word of God. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance for preachers to maintain their integrity in a calloused world by seeking balance in the spheres of life in which they transact. These spheres of life are:
The Private Sphere where we interact with God in our private thoughts;
The Personal Sphere where we interact with our family and those closest to us, and;
The Public Sphere where we interact with the world.
Why is this so important? I believe it is important because of the definite connection between the person and the preaching. If a preacherís life is stressed then the message preached will be forced and artificial.

I want TodaysPreacher to be a cyber hub. A place where you can maximize your study/research time to find illustrations, movie clips, quotes, preaching links, preaching book reviews, and more. However, it also includes many other reviews and articles that will help you improve your preaching by improving how you move through the spheres of life.

I hope you will find this site helpful and practical as you seek to improve the effectiveness of your preaching and your life in the Lord Jesus.

All Things To His Glory,

Gary D. Lee