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Sermon and Worship Helps...

bluebulletSermon Search - This site is sponsored by Crosswalk. It has a professional appearance, is easy to navigate and contains some very useful material. I know you will find "Points to Ponder" by Dr. Stephen F. Olford of great value.

bluebulletPreach the Word - This is a great site by David Legge, the Pastor-teacher at Iron Hall Assembly in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He has his messages on audio along with links to other audio messages from excellent preachers such as Dr. D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

bluebulletPastor's Helper! Dr. Barry L. Davis has brought his wealth of experience to this site and has made something that can be easily used by the layman and the preacher. This is a great resource.

bluebulletSermon Notebook Brother Alan Carr has assembled a great site for sermon preparation and reference. It is well worth the stop. - Don Pucik originally began this site in April 1996 under the name "The Sermon Source" and relaunched it in February 2000 as Equipping Saints Ministries (ESM). Its mission is to assist, encourage stimulate pastors and church leaders in stimulating in their efforts to equip their saints for ministry.

bluebulletPreachingPlus - a can't miss site housing images, illustrations, indexed movie clips, etc.

bluebulletSermon Central - quotes, movies, stats, sermons, etc.


bluebulletSermon Notes - provides encouragement, networking, worship resources and training for pastors, musicians, media ministers and all Christian artists.

bluebulletTeach With Movies

bluebulletNext-Wave - Super Gen X site taking modern issues of today and puts them under the microscope of Christianity.



bluebulletSermon Writer

bluebulletChristian Word


bluebulletSermon Help


bluebulletThousands Of Sermons


bluebulletChristianityOnline's Illustrations

bluebulletThe Sermon Illustrator

bluebulletThe Illustration Exchange (thousands of illustrations)

bluebulletSermon Illustrations

bluebulletMister Poll (polls,surveys,stat,etc)

bluebulletHisplace - poems, jokes, stories.

News Sites, Christian Sites, and Journals That Aid Preaching ...

bluebulletGallup Polls

bluebulletGeorge Barna Research Group an awesome site for current trends/polls/research.

bluebulletChurch on the Web

bluebulletCyberNation - an amazing source for quotes.

bluebulletThe Quotations Page

bluebulletReligion News Service

bluebulletMaranatha Christian Journal - world news for Christians.

bluebulletChristianity Today


bluebulletGospel Communications Network

bluebulletNews Of The Weird


bluebulletPeople Magazine


bluebulletNew York Times

bluebulletZondervan Church Source

bluebulletChristian Book Distributor "CBD"

Preaching Magazines ...

bluebulletPreaching Today

bluebulletPreaching Magazine

bluebulletHomiletics Magazine

Post-Modern Spirituality Sites ...

bluebulletBeliefNet - interfaith site.

bluebulletSpirit Online - all kinds of weird new age stuff

bluebulletINFIDELS - mother site of atheism/agnostics.

bluebulletSkeptic Magazine

Various Preaching Sites ...

bluebulletGordon-Conwell's Chapel Site - hear RealAudio sermons by Walter Kaiser, Haddon Robinson, and other Famous Modern Preachers.



bluebulletEvangelical Homiletics Society

If you have any other sites that have been helpful to your preaching, email us and we'll consider it for the LINKS page.