Air Force One...Change/Celebration
By: Jason Cruise

In the last scene of the movie, AIR FORCE ONE, Harrison Ford, the President of the United States, is held hostage aboard his plane. The United States sends another plane, Liberty 24, to fly alongside Air Force One. Liberty 24 releases a cable that connects to Air Force One in an attempt to pull the President off of his plane and onto Liberty 24 before Air Force One crashes into the ocean.

While the entire nation waits in silence, the men aboard Liberty 24 slowly pull Harrison Ford onto their plane in the climactic scene of the movie. Finally, the captain of Liberty 24 sends a message back to the expectant men and women waiting to hear if their President is alive. His message states, “Liberty 24 is changing call signs. Liberty 24 is now Air Force One.” The nation rejoices.

One man came aboard that plane, and its entire identity changed. In the same way, when one man named Jesus Christ comes aboard in your life, everything about you changes.

This movie clip depicts a jubilant scene across the nation when Americans discover that their President, whom they thought was sure to be dead, is alive. Luke 15 depicts the rejoicing that takes place over one sinner who repents. All heaven rejoices when one who was lost is found.