Technology & Preaching . . . Techno-Driven or Techno-Sensitive??

To Techno or Not To Techno ...

I cannot believe I'm saying this, but it's kinda hard for me to think about preaching without the use of today's modern technology. Things like video projectors and the use of PowerPoint are just as much a part of my preaching as my lapel mic!!!

These tools have proven to be such an asset to my preaching ministry. However, there is a danger here: you can wind up spending too much time preparing your PowerPoint presentation that you actually neglect good study of the actual material!! Preaching can soon become cute and even entertaining, yet destructively shallow for lack of Biblical content.

Let me say this: you’d better use modern technology in your preaching. If you are not, your audience is suffering.

Attention spans are not getting shorter, despite popular opinion. If that were true, then why is it that every movie Hollywood produces seems to be getting longer??

When I was a kid, movies rarely lasted longer that 90 minutes. Now, 2 hours is the norm.

I don’t believe the average person is A.D.D.!! I believe the average person is A.B.B. = “Against Being Bored.”

Preaching should not be entertainment, but it very much should be interesting; and, the way to keep it interesting is through technology. Use movie clips, use PowerPoint, play a modern top 40 song instead of simply referencing the lyrics, etc.

Don’t forget, too, that real, live people can help you keep it interesting!! If you have multiple verses from different places in the Word, have selected people in your crowd armed with a handheld mic and when it comes time to read that passage supporting a point, have them stand up right where they sit and read it.

You’d be amazed how much that gets people’s attention - and it gets their attention on the Word!! They really hear it, because they are hearing it from another source.

Plus, what could possibly be cooler than helping the preacher with his message??!!! People get to help out, and they love it.

Bottom Line: Let technology serve the sermon, never let it be the master.

Preach On . . . Jason Cruise