Timeless Message . . . Time-ful Words

One of the most difficult preaching challenges I've ever faced, and still have to be mindful of, is that of my vocabulary. As you've probably heard before, the old saying is that today's believers speak Christian-ese!!!

We have our church language, and it becomes very common for us as believers. Take it one step further ... it becomes natural for us as preachers who operate in a believer's atmosphere everyday.

A few years ago, I began to evaluate not just what I say in my sermons, but how I actually say it. I began to really try and make an effort to literally use common day language to help people connect with this Uncommon God we serve.

The results were immediate and positive; people began to tell me in specific ways of how for the first time the Bible was making sense to them.

If you're a legalist, and you must have Biblical support, I believe the best illustration I can point you to on this one is that our very own revelation, The Bible, was written in street Greek - the language of the common man!!!

Instead of righteousness, try "living right before God." Instead of sanctified, try "God has set us apart from other people." You get the picture.

Don't water down the message - that's not effective preaching. Simply work harder to communicate your message in terms that our society ... the most Biblically illiterate society in human history ... can relate to.

Preach On - Jason Cruise, TodaysPreacher.Com