Rehearsing The Sermon
By: Jason Cruise

No band goes out cold into a concert.

No world class hitter steps to the plate without having taken BP before the game.

Michael Jordan and Larry Bird never came to the court straight from the car ... there was always a warm up.

In that same way, you must rehearse your sermon.

Preaching has a much higher price than a ticket to see Eric Clapton live. People are much more important than any game played in the NBA.

If world class entertainers warm up with the single motive of being the best they can be to please the crowd, why would a preacher not warm up in order to reach a soul???

I have found that the best time to rehearse is earlier in the week ... like on Tuesday morning. This way, you can go back to the chopping block while there is still enough time to craft the message.

It is so much easier to spot bad content, difficult phrases, and other holes in your message when you rehearse.

Dare not think that this rehearsing cannot be used of God!!! I personally know a pastor who was able to lead the church janitor to Jesus because the janitor would often sit quietly in the hallway and eavesdrop onto Bobís messages!!

Just in case I have yet to convince you of the power of rehearsing, then consider this:

How would you feel when you find out that the soloist about to sing right before you preach has never practiced the song even once???

Preach On ... Jason Cruise