Three Errors To Avoid In Application
By: Brian Chapell

roundbulletPie In The Sky Principles:

Don't give instructions that are unattainable; they have no real connection to real life. Examples are, "Love everyone all the time." "Never be angry without a cause." These appeals will either make the people feel as if following the Word is impossible, or they will think you, the preacher, live life in a dream world.

roundbulletHigh Hurdles:

Don't set standards that the average person has no chance of achieving. Examples would be saying, "Everyone who really wants to see how Jesus lived should go to the Holy Land." "Every serious Christian will do one's personal quiet time and devotional in the morning."


Narrow Focus:

These are applications that a preacher knows nearly no one will do even if they are able to.

- Brian Chapell's
"Christ-Centered Preaching"