Marketplace Preaching
By: by Calvin Miller

marketpreachMarketplace Preaching
Calvin Miller
Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 1995

Reviewer ...Jason Cruise,

Miller’s book was a super work. Miller’s work makes a concentrated effort to put the sermon back into the “marketplace,” or language, of the common man.

In his wonderfully poetic style that always holds the reader’s attention, he deals with many current trends in preaching. He calls attention to the importance of holding the listener’s attention through various mediums such as the Audio-Visual Sermon, Narratives, and the Image Driven Sermon.

I especially appreciated Miller’s honesty. He does not “bash” the church or it’s pulpiteers. However, he forces the reader to understand that if we as preachers are going to reach the non-believing world, we must communicate in the language of the street. He presents the reader with the truth that in order to reach a secular world, we must craft sermons that are not geared at people inside the walls of our fortress-like facilities. In Miller’s eyes, the believing community preach to ourselves ... people who already have salvation and the truths of God.

Miller also deals with issues of preaching décor. He makes an appeal for preachers to get out of their pulpits ... even remove them ... In order to get closer to the humanity of our people. I found this to be especially helpful in that I think he is right in saying that preachers often come out of “hidden doors” and on to a stage only to assume a stale roosting position where the Word of God is supposed to come forth with dynamic life!!!???

Again, I enjoyed Miller’s book. I always enjoy his books!!! He’s a super writer with an amazing ability to write conversationally. This book in particular is wonderfully balanced with both information, and practical insights. I found it most helpful.