Christ-Centered Preaching
By: Jason Cruise

christcenteredpreachingChrist-Centered Preaching
Bryan Chapell
Baker Books, 1994
($17.95, CBD)

Chapell’s book is quite an extensive look into preaching. Chapell spends a great deal of time working through the issues of what makes for solid, expository preaching. He deals with structure, application, introductions, and conclusions . . . Just to mention a few.

He continually emphasizes what he calls the “Fallen Condition Focus” of a passage. Chapell sees the FCF as central to interpretation, and stresses the importance of preaching from a position of how to meet such a condition of the listener who is a “fallen” sinner.

Chapell spends a good deal of time dealing with the process of Application, and I found this to be very helpful. He simply gives very thorough insights as to how one can make a passage better apply to real life.

I also found his chapter on introductions and conclusions to be extremely helpful. It is my conviction that the average preacher does not spend near enough time crafting an excellent, gripping intro and closing; therefore, any chapter devoted to these areas of sermon prep are always welcome and helpful.

Chapell wraps up the book with several Appendix sections that deal with issues such as delivery, dress, divisions of outlining, funeral messages, wedding messages, etc. These were useful in that they were quite practical in helping you find unique ways of expressing yourself while keeping your audience in mind.

Chapell’s work would be a great book for a required textbook in a preaching course because it is very thorough. I enjoyed it, and I’m sure I’ll refer to it again in the future.

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