The Witness of Preaching

thomaslongbookThe Witness Of Preaching
Thomas G. Long
Louisville: Westminster Press, 1989
($16.99, CBD)

Reviewer ...Jason Cruise

Long’s book has long been seen as a classic in the area of preaching, and I did glean some beneficial truths from it. At times, however, it did seem to bog down a little for me, and I cannot really pinpoint exactly why. Perhaps it could just be the layout of the book, because the material covered did touch upon many important issues of preaching.

Although it was not a long book, that is, in pages written, his book basically presents the whole of preaching, from start to finish. He spends time discussing the Biblical model of the preacher as carrying different roles like herald, pastor, and so on . . . then he presents his view of the preacher as “witness.”

His sections on the form of the sermon were classical in their approach, and they have been discussed in other preaching books as well. He does have an interesting chapter on "Images and Experiences In Sermons" that was quite helpful to me personally. He touches upon what is usually acceptable by means of sharing personal experience, and how that affects the hearer.

All in all, I think it’s a book worth buying. I’ve heard Thomas Long preach before, back when he taught preaching at Princeton. He’s a super speaker with lots of energy. Although the book’s forte is not necessarily earth shattering in giving you practical tips, there are many helpful areas that he touches upon that will help your preaching ministry.

Preach On ... Jason Cruise