The Preaching Life
By: Jason Cruise

bbtaylorThe Preaching Life
Barbara Brown Taylor
Cambridge: Cowley Publications, 1993
($8.75, CBD)

REVIEWER ...Jason Cruise

Brown’s book is an earthy one. It speaks of the life of the preacher as one lived out here in relationship with creation and community.

In the first half of the book, she deals with the issues that surround the life of the pastor/teacher ... issues like worship, preaching, imagination, and so on. I found these conversations with the reader to be thought provoking, but not necessarily helpful. Brown sees preaching as more of a journey in faith, as do I. However, her book was somewhat written in that same journeying fashion. She takes you down a road which explores these great and vast ideas of worship, imagination, the Bible ... but the destination is not quite tangible, but rather open ended.

Brown’s second section is spent on the recording of some of her sermons. She is good at the narrative, and seems to be able to weave in the truths of the narrative along the way. It seems as though she enjoys the exploration of God’s Word, but I did not find much practical help in her messages.

All in all, I think Barbara Brown Taylor is faithful to her liturgical tradition. It seems that most liturgical preachers take a narrative approach to preaching. I simply cannot say that this book really helped me become a better preacher ... but I can say that it helped me think further about my own preaching life, and for that I’m grateful.