How To Reach Secular People

secularbookHow To Reach Secular People
George Hunter III
Nashville: Abingdon Press, 1992
($ 12.75, CBD)

Reviewer ...Jason Cruise

I found Hunter’s book to be more of a compilation of ideas from various church growth gurus rather than anything inherently original from him as the author. I would have liked to see more of what he as the author feels important in the task of reaching secular people. Even still, it was good material.

He is well read on the issues surrounding the church’s mission of reaching our secular community. He taps into strategies used by high profile pastors such as Bill Hybels, Rick Warren, Brian Larson, and Kenneth Chafin. In doing so he helps the reader come to a better understanding on how secular people think and act.

I especially appreciated his last chapter on “Effective Apostolic Congregations.” Basically he sees an Apostolic congregation as a church that is really doing what a church should do on all fronts ... reach the community. This chapter in specific gives insights on what makes a church successful, and I personally found it to be a good refresher to remind me of some important issues that need to be consistently monitored and promoted in order to reach people for Christ.

As far as how the book relates to preaching, there are some areas he touches on such as in Chapter 3 "Communicating With Secular People." I think all in all this book will help your preaching in that it will take you that much further in exegeting your audience.

Preach On ... Jason Cruise